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Root Pruning Service

Root Pruning by Grinder

Root pruning service is another area where the stump grinder is a common means to mitigate migrating root issues on healthy trees. The stump grinder does an effective job, especially on larger roots which can be cut and buried as long as the teeth on the machine are sharp and the cut isn't too close to the tree.

Smaller roots from smaller plants can also be pruned with a stump grinder but will need added attention. Smaller roots will get somewhat mangled in the process of the grinding and will need to be cleaned up by hand to help the plant better seal up the root where the cut was made.

Why Root Prune?

Root pruning becomes necessary when the roots of your trees began to affect structures or other property features that cannot be relocated.

Foundations, sidewalks and underground utilities are among the few things that can be affected by migrating roots.

Surprisingly, roots do not have to be large, or from a large tree or plant, to create problems.

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Root Pruning Pros

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We are a licensed and insured root pruning service. We are experts who have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Our root pruning services cover small to large stumps of any plant species. We have a machine for most root pruning scenarios, whether large area or tight spot, we can get your job done safely and efficiently.

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Stump Grinding Associated Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal services are often the reason for the need of stump grinding services.

Tree Trimming

Root pruning will sometimes create the need for tree trimming to balance the plant's structure.

Storm Cleanup

High wind events will cause trees to uproot at times, requiring complete stump removal.

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