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Stump Grinding After Removal

Why Stump grinding?

Stump grinding after tree removal is not always necessary but is a good option to help bring the tree removal project to complete fruition.

Some tree stumps will decay over time and can be easily removed. How long that decay process takes depends on the species and size of the stump, as well as other environmental elements.

Upside of Stump Grinding

Allowing stumps to decay after tree removal, can be unsightly, especially if they are located in the front of your property, where they are in open view from your street. Grinding the stump solves that problem, even if it's just a shallow grind.

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We are a licensed and insured stump grinding service. We are experts who have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Our stump grinding services cover small to large stumps of any plant species. We have a machine for most stump extraction scenarios, whether large area or tight spot, we can get your stump done safely and efficiently.

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Stump Grinding Associated Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal services are often the reason for the need of stump grinding services.

Tree Trimming

Root pruning will sometimes create the need for tree trimming to balance the plant's structure.

Storm Cleanup

High wind events will cause trees to uproot at times, requiring complete stump removal.

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